Shark River Environmental Roundtable


Shark River Environmental Roundtable
412 5th Ave
Belmar, NJ, 07719
fax 681-8717
e-mail-- vangray@aol.com

Petition for Dredging Shark River Bay

We, the undersigned, demand the dredging
of Shark River Bay (commonly known as
"Shark River"). The Bay provides immeasurable
boating, swimming, fishing and naturalist
recreation for area residents and visitors.
Its popularity provides a key economic
boost for many of the surrounding municipalities.

Although the State classifies the Bay
as having "significant recreational
value," it has failed to dredge even the
state channels, creating a safety risk to
all who use the Bay. Much of the Bay
cannot be navigated during certain tides;
several areas have become completely
shoaled in even during high tide. Despite
requests to state and federal officials
to address the serious problem,
nothing has been done.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. The state is
beginning construction on a long-awaited
replacement bridge for Route 35 over
the Shark River Inlet. This will improve
access to the Bay. However, unless the
Bay is dredged now, improved access
will be meaningless since the Bay will
be too shallow for boating. If this problem
is not addressed, the local boating and
fishing industries may be destroyed.
In addition, critical habitat - important
for waterfowl and fish breeding, and
other essential aquatic ecosystems -
face irreparable degradation.

Dredging is crucial to the environmental,
recreational and economic health of the
Shark River Bay. We demand immediate
action to ensure that dredging will take place.

Please e-mail your name and address
to vangray@aol.com or print and
fax to 732-681-8717 include your

Thank You.


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